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So, you need a plumber. This is the moment that every homeowner dreads, the emergency situation that you cannot handle yourself. You need Fairfax plumbing assistance by My Plumber Heating & Air now. Call us right away. Every minute that goes by the problem is getting worse and your home is being damaged. Why us? Fairfax plumbers are not only the best but we are also the closest to you. Our trucks are already in the neighborhood and we have the parts, tools, and experience to fix your problem.

A Fairfax plumber has to be licensed, insured and have years of experience in the plumbing industry before we put him on our emergency service team. We offer twenty four hour emergency response. Amateurs can’t handle that. You can be assured that when you call us for emergency service, you will get a seasoned pro who is cool under pressure and prepared for anything. You may be in a panic over what’s happening, but our plumbers won’t be.

Planning on building an addition to your home? Fairfax plumbing assistance by My Plumber Heating & Air offers consultations and renovation recommendations to homeowners. We can show you where you need to install pipes, fixtures and gas lines and we can work with your contractor to make sure everything is done right. Call during business hours for additional details on plumbing help with construction projects.

We don't service sprinkler systems, but we know a great company that does. Visit Centreville Sprinkler Repair today.
If you're ever looking for plumbing services in Montgomery County, you'll find a few good plumbers in Gaithersburg.

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Services We Offer

Our Plumbing Services include the installation, repair, and replacement of:

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