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Alt TextImagine: you've just come home from a hard day of work at the office. You get home, cook dinner for the family, step into the bathroom and prepare yourself a hot bath. Only as soon as you stick your toes in, you realize the water isn't hot at all – it's freezing cold! There are few things worse than not having any hot water in your home. Our Fairfax plumbing team realizes that, and we're here to help! If it's as simple as an unlit pilot light or as complex as having to install a new water heater, we'll get the job done for you. From sewer repipes, to leaky toilet repair, to drain clog removal, our plumbers in Fairfax are always ready to help you keep your home in working order.

We Never Say No to a Job

We have a lot of experience under our belts. We've done different jobs of all sizes and for all types of clients, so we are confident that we can take on anything that comes our way. From a full system repipe or reline, a new water heater, or a new HVAC system, we've got your home and your business covered in the plumbing and heating departments. Our Fairfax, VA plumbers are there for you during all your plumbing emergencies.

We Care About Quality, We Care About You

Our mission is to provide high quality plumbing services to our current (and future) clients. In order to meet our standards, the job needs to be done according to current safety standards and in accordance with current regulations and best practices. But there's more – we also make sure to complete every job with the utmost care for our customers.

Every job is finished with a smile, and we make sure that you are satisfied with the finished product. If ever you are unsatisfied, give us a call so we can help correct the situation. We don't expect any dissatisfied customers, but we make this promise to our customers just in case.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Fairfax, VA

Alt TextHave you ever had a broken garbage disposal? If you answered yes, then you know how inconvenient it can be. If you answered no, then you should practice regular maintenance of your disposal so you never have to be without it!

Our plumbers in Fairfax, VA can repair, maintain, or replace your garbage disposal in next to no time. We also offer routine maintenance for your disposal, so you never have to worry about it breaking unexpectedly again.

Signs that Your Disposal Is Malfunctioning

  • It's noisy – loud noises coming from your disposal are a sign that either something hard is stuck inside, or a part has come loose and is grinding within. Never stick your hand down there to check yourself! Call a professional immediately.
  • It's stinky – bad smells coming from the bowels of your disposal are a sign that the unit is clogged with leftover food stuffs. A trained plumber can remove the clog and clean up your disposal for you.
  • It's not turning on – this one is easy. If your disposal won't turn on, it could be a sign of faulty electrical (which can be extremely hazardous). Our professional plumbing technicians can check your disposal and repair or replace it as needed.

We don't service sprinkler systems, but we know a great company that does. Visit Centreville Sprinkler Repair today.

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